Hi Digital: Free digital skills training for older people & community organisations.

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What is Hi Digital?
ALONE and Active Retirement Ireland have partnered with Vodafone Ireland Foundation to deliver a new nationwide 5-year digital skills training programme for older people called Hi Digital.  The programme has been developed to help bridge the digital
divide by offering free digital skills training to older people and upskilling the organisations that support them. The Plan aims to train 230,000 older people.
The programme consists of three different strands:


Online learning
A new FREE online learning platform has been created at hidigital.ie where older people can go online and start learning basic digital skills.

The modules covered include:
• Introduction (what the internet is and what you can do)
• Using my smartphone
• Connecting with others (email, social media, WhatsApp)
• Entertainment and Shopping Online
• Hobbies and Travel


In-person group classes
Active Retirement Ireland will run in-person digital skills classes for older people across the country. For more information or to sign up, please visit
www.activeirl.ie/hidigital or call 1800 20 30 30.


Digital Champion workshops

ALONE will train individuals from organisations that support older people to become Digital Champions through online and in-person workshops.

ALONE are running in-person and online digital champion workshops nationwide for organisations that support older people.

The workshops will focus on getting an older person online. ALONE has been providing technology to older people for years, we know there can be challenges in accessing and using it. This course will acknowledge and address these challenges, using our experience and case studies to show how best we can support each individual to get online and stay online.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understanding the Digital Champions’ role in supporting older people with their digital skills
  2. Understanding the older person’s circumstances and building trust
  3. Understanding the impact technology can have on an older person’s life
  4. Planning and supporting the learning process for the individual
  5. How to facilitate one to one sessions and small groups


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Cost: Free
  • IT/Digital Skills required: Basic
  • Who can attend: Any individual who works in organisation that supports
    older people and will be able to support older people with their digital



You can register your interest in attending a workshop with ALONE by completing this quick form here or by emailing digitalskills@alone.ie. You can also call ALONE’s Support Line on 0818 222 024.



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