Meath Local Community Development Committee (Meath LCDC) – Community Pillar Representation

2nd February 2024

Meath PPN is seeking representatives for Meath Local Community Development Committee (Meath LCDC) from the Community & Voluntary Pillar and the Social Inclusion Pillar.

The LCDC have a number of roles:

  • Approval of and monitoring the implementation of the LECP (local economic and community plan)
  • monitor the implementation of the SICAP (social inclusion community activation programme)
  • monitor the implementation of the LEADER programme in their role as the LAG (Local Action Group)
  • approval of any other grant schemes as set out by the Department of Rural and Community Development


If you or someone in your group would like to become a Rep, they should submit a completed nomination form (word version here) for the position, outlining their suitability to be a voice for Community/Voluntary or Social Inclusion Groups by February 16th.

These meetings are held during daytime on a monthly basis in Navan and via Zoom and conference call.

You can find more about LCDCs here and about Meath LCDC here

Reps will be required to report back to the PPN groups as part of their representative requirements. Note that individuals may not hold more than one representative position at a time, therefore those already representing the PPN on an external body may not qualify for this post. Travel expenses will be paid in support of your role.

All nominations to be sent to no later than 5PM on 16/02/24.

In the event of more people being nominated than the number of seats available, an election process will be held after this date and a panel may be formed to fill future vacancies.