The role of the Secretariat is to facilitate the implementation of decisions taken by the PPN and ensure the proper functioning of the PPN.

It also co-ordinates the activities of the PPN and communicates with all the PPN members.

The Secretariat of the Meath PPN consists of 12 members, representing the three PPN Pillars – 2 reps each from the Environment, Social Inclusion and Community/Voluntary Pillars, and all 6 Municipal Districts – one rep from each district. The PPN are assisted in their role by the PPN Support Worker.

Currently the Secretariat meets every 4 to 6 weeks. They have set up a referrals register whereby items raised at meetings of the Municipal District PPN’s and the Pillars are recorded and referred either directly to the Council, to a relevant Linkage Group or Committee, and tracked. This system also allows for the identification of patterns across the county or across sectors. This provides an opportunity for co-ordination between groups in making submissions or inputs to policies and plans of the Council.