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The Erasmus+ European project CICLO – Boosting the Circular eConomy skills of the EU services Labor fOrce (2019-2021) where Meath Partnership has been involved in, has successfully completed all their activities. In these two years, CICLO managed to produce 5 results, all to be found on the official website of the project – www.ciclo-project.eu – and presented below:


  • Circular Economy Skills Ecosystem and Methodological Framework (eBook): This framework provides an overview of the national and EU state-of-the-art and gap analysis, as well as specific suggestions on the development of the relevant training packages and some good practices on the circular economy. Read it here.


  • Curriculum and VET Toolbox of Key Skills Acquisition Resources: This resource entails the development of a needs-oriented online circular economy curriculum, and a training package for employed and unemployed EU citizens to equip them with basic circular economy jobs skills related to recycling management, reuse and remanufacturing opportunities, servitisation (services instead of products) development, in order to access or empower their position in the labour market. Read it here.


  • Multifunctional and Interactive Platform: Based on the curriculum, all online learning components of the project have been integrated into one learning platform, combined with the project’s website. The platform is accessible via mobile devices as well. The CICLO Training Package is comprised of 8 different modules and provides the possibility to the users to get a certification after the successful completion of the online course. If you are interested in developing basic circular economy skills, you can register on the platform. For the user’s manual, click here. All materials are available in English, Greek, Spanish, Slovak, Italian and Portuguese.


  • Skills Assessment, Validation and Recognition Tools: Development of a package of tools for trainers, educators and employers in order to assess, validate and recognize the skills acquired through the provision of CICLO Training Toolbox to the target groups. Have a look here.


  • Infusion of the Circular Economy in the National and EU Economy – Adaptation and Policy Package: An online adaptation and policy package which provides specific guidelines to the CICLO stakeholders on how to integrate the CICLO training package in their normal training activities, how to utilize it as a VET component and how the modules and trainees can apply for ECVET accreditation upon successful completion of the course. Find it online here.



International Conference and Local Events

During September 2021, CICLO organised an International Conference, hosted online by the leader of the project, CEKOV (Slovakia), where the activities of the project were presented. In parallel, different speakers were invited to introduce various aspects of the Circular Economy in Adult Education. The event reached 80 participants!

In addition to the International Conference, each partner country organised local events in order to promote the results of CICLO and discuss the possibilities of the circular economy for the labour force in their countries.


Call for action

The CICLO partnership invites all interested parties and stakeholders, such as human resource development authorities, education / training providers to companies, employment and labour offices, accreditation bodies, municipalities (i.e., garden, park and cleaning departments) and open schools, local communities and organisations, providers of vocational education and training, small and medium enterprises, to use their training curriculum and online platform in order to empower all those who might benefit from upskilling in the field of circular economy.  Get in touch with us through our official website so we can examine how CICLO can be useful for your activities!


CICLO_Press Release No. 4_ENG_FINAL – PDF

CICLO_Press Release No. 4_ENG_FINAL – Word

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