Family Addiction Support Network (FASN): supports available for family members who are impacted by a loved one’s substance misuse.

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The Family Addiction Support Network (FASN) have supports available for family members who are impacted by a loved one’s substance misuse.


According to “Findings from a study on how families are affected by substance misuse in the NE region of Ireland” commissioned by Family Addiction Support Network, “Families affected by substance misuse can experience a wide range of harms:

  • worry and psychological stress leading to physical and mental ill health;
  • exposure to threats and violence associated with drug debts and involvement of the drug using family member in the illicit market;
  • the financial burden of directly or indirectly supporting a drug user;
  • the impact on employment of stress or caring responsibilities;
  • strain on family relationships;
  • harm from domestic violence; and
  • isolation and loss of social life.


FASN truly believes that by supporting families to have their needs met, families are then in a position to change the outcomes for themselves. To do this we create an environment where people can learn for themselves and are supported in the choices they make, we then respond to families needs by developing services.

To date FASN provides the following services,

  •  24/7 Out of Hours Telephone Helpline
  • 1-1 Support
  • Peer Group Support
  • Access to Counselling
  • Access to Respite
  • Educational Programme
  • Drugs Intimidation Reporting Programme


In response to the Covid19 pandemic, FASN are changing how we operate and are developing new and innovative ways of supporting families affected by a loved one’s substance misuse.


In these extremely difficult times we are very aware of the challenges our service users will be dealing with, with this in mind our volunteers are continuing to provide vital service’s in the form of:


  • One to One Support sessions via phone and video calls Telephone Helpline  087 9046405
  • 5 Step Brief Intervention via phone and video calls
  • Health & Wellbeing support through  Facebook  (FASN)
  • Counseling via phone and video calls
  • Family Support Groups- future development of virtual peer led family support groups via phone and video calls


FASN are currently signing up to the ALCATEL-LUCENT RAINBOW App by providing organisations and enterprises with the services that enable staff to work remotely from safe locations, through the Rainbow cloud-based communication and collaboration platform. Customers’ data is protected through the ISO-27001 certification, the international standard for cloud security and has GDPR* compliance and strict data confidentiality agreements.

Please find the FASN support brochure below:

Addiction Support Brochure cover Addiction Support Brochure cover

Addiction Support Brochure inside

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