Strategy for World Heritage in Ireland 2024 – 2034: Public Consultation

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Prior to the finalisation of the draft Strategy for World Heritage in Ireland 2024 – 2034, the department is seeking any views on its vision, draft goals, strategic objectives, and actions and on challenges for delivering the strategy.

The purpose of a Strategy for World Heritage in Ireland 2024 – 2034 is to provide the overarching framework for effectively implementing the 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention in Ireland over the next ten years.

The key reasons for developing this national strategy are:

  • to fulfil Ireland’s obligation as a signatory to the World Heritage Convention to implement its objectives and to conserve, present and transmit to future generations the outstanding universal values of its World Heritage Properties
  • to build World Heritage capacity and raise awareness across government and all stakeholders of the requirements and obligations of the World Heritage Convention, the significance and values of World Heritage status, the processes required by UNESCO for progressing World Heritage Property nominations, and the potential benefits that inscription to the World Heritage List can bring
  • the enhancement of the role of local communities and stakeholders in the stewardship and management of World Heritage Properties and Tentative List sites
  • to adopt a more integrated and multidisciplinary approach to World Heritage protection and management both nationally and locally
  • to ensure the protection of existing and future World Heritage Properties is in alignment with the wider framework of sustainable development.

Additional background information on the draft strategy is available in the public consultation document, which can be downloaded below.

The strategy deals with World Heritage which refers to cultural and natural heritage sites, monuments, buildings, places, and landscapes of cultural, historical, scientific or other forms of significance.

Living heritage, such as cultural practices and expressions, is separately dealt with as Intangible Cultural Heritage (under the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage).

How to get involved:

We are inviting any interested individuals, groups or organisations to share their views on the strategy by completing this online survey.

The survey is hosted on EUSurvey, a survey platform that is supported by the European Commission. Please use Chrome/Edge/Safari/Firefox browsers to complete the online survey .

The closing date for completed surveys is 9pm on Wednesday 10 April 2024 .


Strategy for World Heritage in Ireland 2024 – 2034: Download or View

Public Consultation Document for Strategy for World Heritage in Ireland 2024 – 2034: Download or View

Public Consultation on Strategy for World Heritage in Ireland 2024 – 2034 – Privacy Statement: Download or View

Source: https://www.gov.ie/en/consultation/bd4cb-public-consultation-on-strategy-for-world-heritage-in-ireland-2024-2034/

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