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Meath County Council is requesting feedback from the public on the key features to be included in the updated Meath Digital Strategy.  The Digital Strategy sets out Meath County Council’s ambitions to meet the needs and aspirations of the people of County Meath, enabling them to benefit from digital technologies and infrastructure throughout the county.

Over the life span of the 2020 Digital Strategy, all the participants have delivered several changes and new initiatives.  From the introduction of online application forms, online training programmes, digital skills classes for young and old, as well as the delivery of free public WIFI across the county in Towns and at community centres.

The Council is now asking the public to share their views on what should be featured in a revised strategy that will consider the new needs of the public. How should the Council, education providers, and business support agencies utilise technologies such as AI, online platforms, and tools to support community and business development? How can we support community growth through developing smart places?

Speaking about the revised strategy, Kieran Kehoe, Chief Executive of Meath County Council said, “We are all highly aware of the role technology plays in the connected world we live in today, with digital technology forming a significant part in how we receive information, access services, and communicate with each other. A lot has changed since the launch of our Digital Strategy in 2019 and with this survey, Meath County Council is engaging with our communities and businesses alike to hear your views on how, as a County, we might harness the potential that technological progress offers to support the services on offer within the County.”

Everyone is invited to have their say at www.meath.ie/county-meath-local-digital-strategy.

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