Census 2022 Profile 5: Diversity, Migration, Ethnicity, Irish Travellers and Religion – Meath

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The Central Statistics Office has today published Census 2022 Profile 5: Diversity, Migration, Ethnicity, Irish Travellers and Religion https://www.cso.ie/en/releasesandpublications/ep/p-cpp5/census2022profile5-diversitymigrationethnicityirishtravellersreligion/

Profile 5 looks at the diversity of the population in Ireland, including country of citizenship, ethnic group or background, and languages spoken. Recent migration in the year leading up to the census, Irish Travellers, and religion are also covered.

This profile shows that there were 7,296 people living in Meath in April 2022 who had moved to the county in the year before the census. This included 5,107 people who had moved from elsewhere within Ireland and 2,189 people from outside the State.

The press statement for Meath is available here – https://www.cso.ie/en/csolatestnews/pressreleases/2023pressreleases/pressstatementcensus2022resultsprofile5-diversitymigrationethnicityirishtravellersreligionmeath/

The national press statement is available here – https://www.cso.ie/en/csolatestnews/pressreleases/2023pressreleases/pressstatementcensus2022resultsprofile5-diversitymigrationethnicityirishtravellersreligion/

Press statements for the other counties are available here – https://www.cso.ie/en/census/census2022/census2022profile5countypressstatements/

The Census 2022 Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS) are also available and include Census 2022 results, across all 15 themes, for a range of geographies including town, local electoral area, electoral divisions, counties and provinces.

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