World Food Day: October 16th – Best Before: It’s still OK to eat.

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The EPA’s Stop Food Waste programme is the national campaign to reduce household food waste in Ireland, providing guidance and resources to help people make the most of their food, keep it fresher for longer and avoid food waste.

On World Food Day, we want to remind everyone that Best Before dates are about quality not safety. If food looks, smells and tastes alright then it’s food to eat, even if the Best Before date has passed.

Do you know what Best Before means?

It’s about quality not safety, so use your judgement!

Does it look, smell and taste alright?

Then it’s still OK to eat!

Please see the link below for more information & resources:

Best Before – it’s still OK to eat. – Stop Food Waste

Let’s #StopFoodWaste this #WorldFoodDay

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