Help Identify Knowledge Gaps in Irish Peatland Research 

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The aim of the Peat Hub Ireland project is to identify how much progress has been made in Ireland in sustainably managing its peatland resource and to highlight knowledge gaps that may exist.

Peatland research has expanded rapidly in the last two decades encompassing a diverse and often complex evidence base, as countries seek to manage this resource sustainably and meet climate and biodiversity targets. In this context, it is important to synthesise existing knowledge and provide a roadmap for the future.

In order to do this successfully and represent the wide evidence base involved in peatland management in Ireland, we invite you to participate in this research project via a survey.

The survey is for anyone with an interest in Ireland’s peatlands or invloved in any aspect of peatland management, restoration and conservation.

Please share your knowledge and expertise to tell us what is missing from research on the sustainable management of peatlands in Ireland and how we can better support the transition to sustainability for this iconic Irish landscape.

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