Bereavement Support from the Irish Hospice Foundation

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The Bereavement Support Line (funded by the HSE but run by the Irish Hospice Foundation) is a freephone bereavement support line that is open 10am to 1pm Mon to Fri.  For emotional support (and signposting) for anyone bereaved OR for professionals or family/friends who are supporting the bereaved person.


Free Bereavement resources which might be useful to you:


www.bereaved.ie (free bereavement resources)

https://www.childhoodbereavement.ie/ (free resources for bereaved children/teens/adolescents)


You can also order Bereavement Leaflets through website:



General information on Grief & Loss:


Understanding the grieving process: https://hospicefoundation.ie/i-need-help/i-am-bereaved/

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