Public Consultation on Ireland’s 4th National Biodiversity Action Plan

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Ireland’s 4th National Biodiversity Action Plan (NBAP) has been in development since October 2021. The Plan will set the national biodiversity agenda for the period 2023-2027 and aims to deliver the transformative changes required to the ways in which we value and protect nature.


Why are we launching a Public Consultation

Stakeholder engagement has been central to development of this draft of Ireland’s 4th National Biodiversity Action Plan. Extensive engagement with stakeholders, as well as consultation with the wider public, will strengthen the actions proposed and help to ensure a ‘whole of Government’, ‘whole of society’ approach to the biodiversity crisis. Support and buy-in from key stakeholders and the general public is crucial to the successful implementation of the Plan.

The stakeholder engagement process for the Draft NBAP has been designed to incorporate three distinct stages, each of which targets a different stakeholder group. To date, two of the three stages have been completed. The current and third stage of stakeholder engagement consists of this public consultation.


Ireland’s 4th National Biodiversity Action Plan: Download


How to get involved

We are inviting any interested parties (e.g. individual persons, groups or organisations) to provide comments and make submissions on the 4th National Biodiversity Action Plan. There are three ways to get involved:

The survey is hosted on EUsurvey, a survey platform that is supported by the European Commission. Please use Chrome/Edge/Safari/Firefox browsers to complete the online survey. You do not have to respond to every question in the survey. If you have a specific area of interest, you are free to respond just on that topic.

  • Send comments by post to: 4th National Biodiversity Action Plan Consultation, Biodiversity Policy, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Housing, Local  Government and Heritage, 90 North King Street, Dublin 7 D07 N7CV


The closing date for submissions is 9th November 2022.


Source: https://www.gov.ie/en/consultation/1566c-public-consultation-on-irelands-4th-national-biodiversity-action-plan/?referrer=http://www.gov.ie/biodiversityplan/

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