EAPN Ireland workshop (online) July 20th – Research draft on the demand for basic necessities

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EAPN Ireland Workshop (online)- Research draft “An Analysis of the Increasing Demand for Basic Necessities as provided by the Community and Voluntary Sector” 

Wednesday July 20th 11.00am-13.00pm 

Due to the preference expressed by attendees, this event is now ONLINE only. A zoom link will be sent out to attendees in advance of the event. 


As many of you are already aware, EAPN Ireland is currently doing a research project entitled “An Analysis of the Increasing Demand for Basic Necessities as provided by the Community and Voluntary Sector.” 

The project aims to examine the root causes of why households are struggling to afford basic necessities, the increasing demand for support from community organisations, and also the impacts on the groups providing help and support.

EAPN Ireland would like to invite you to a workshop and discussion on the first draft of this research on July 20th at 11am-13.00pm.

This research has been conducted by TASC via focus groups and qualitative interviews. Researcher Sara Singleton will present an overview and the initial findings of the research, for discussion and feedback from participants at the workshop. The input and feedback from this workshop will help to form the final version of the research report which will be launched in September.

As well as a presentation from TASC on the research project, EAPN France will also present a short overview of findings from a seminar they recently held on food and energy costs in Europe. Their seminar was held in June and was led by people experiencing poverty, including participation from Ireland. We hope this will offer a European dimension that will inform the discussion within the workshop.

As part of the EAPN Ireland research project, some of you took part in the focus groups we held earlier in the year around the increasing demand for support with basic necessities, we were very grateful for your participation and hope you will also be able to attend this workshop to provide further input on the initial draft of the research, which will influence the findings and recommendations within the final report. This is also an opportunity for those who have not had the chance to engage with the research to provide input. We feel the research is ever more pertinent given the rising living costs currently being experienced in Ireland and beyond.


If you wish to attend please email irene@eapn.ie. Further details on the workshop will be provided in advance.

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