Protect Our Dunes Campaign

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The Climate Action Regional Offices in collaboration with local authorities, NUI Galway, Leave No Trace, Clean Coasts, Green Schools and the Dublin Bay Biosphere are running a public awareness campaign over the summer months to highlight the importance and fragility of sand dune systems as natural coastal protection and important habitats. The campaign will be launched on Saturday 25th June as part of World Sand Dune Day.


Sand dune systems provide natural coastal protection against coastal storms, flooding and erosion as well as being important habitats for unique plants and animals. The real strength of the dunes comes from the plants that trap the sand initially and then bind the sands together. Despite dunes being tough and protecting us from coastal storm events, the dune grasses and plants are very fragile and can die back very quickly with human trampling, leaving the sand free to be blown away.


The Protect Our Dunes Working Group is exploring how we can work together to ensure the progression, protection and resilience of young and mature dune systems. This has led to the development of this #ProtectOurDunes awareness campaign which will run over the coming months to highlight the value and fragility of our sand dunes.


The campaign recognises that the increased tourism and recreational use of our beaches is welcomed but needs to be managed in a way that respects and protects these natural assets. The goal of this campaign to limit the damage to sand dunes from recreational activities along the coastline by raising awareness of the value, the types of activities that can damage the dunes and need to respect these ecosystems.


Further information on the campaign and the importance of sand dune systems is available on the CARO website.

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