Green Schools: Big Travel Challenge – February 2022

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The Green-Schools Travel team is inviting schools to take part in the big TRAVEL CHALLENGE 2022. This year the Travel competition is celebrating seven years of successfully encouraging more students to enjoy the benefits of actively travelling to school in the month of February.

Walking, cycling, wheeling or scooting to school can be an opportunity to increase physical activity in the darker winter months, when time spent outdoors is often reduced. The aim of the challenge is to promote a sustainable mode of transport of your choice for 10 days during the month of February.

Everything you need can be found here – https://greenschoolsireland.org/the-big-travel-challenge-2022/


What are Green Schools looking for in 2022?

Green-Schools are looking for all schools big and small, rural and urban, primary, secondary and education centers that will take on the challenge of achieving a measurable increase in one of the following sustainable modes of travel: walking, cycling, scooting, park ‘n’ stride or the bus.

Green Schools are asking schools to promote their chosen greener mode of travel for any 10-day period for the month of February 2022 (Tuesday 1st – Monday 28th) and to record their results. They will also be looking through applications for schools individual efforts to promote their chosen mode of sustainable travel within the school and to their communities.


Is your school up for the BIG TRAVEL Challenge?

The poster, a BIG TRAVEL Tracker and the application form is available here. Schools currently on the Travel and Global Citizenship Travel themes will receive a poster and tracker sheet by post. You can use your tracker to record the total number of students in your school travelling by your chosen mode on each day of the challenge. At the end of the challenge, fill in the entry form and tell Green Schools how you promoted your chosen mode and why your school deserves to win The BIG TRAVEL Challenge 2022. You will need to let Green Schools know the number of students travelling by your chosen mode on an average day before the challenge started and on Day 1, Day 5 and Day 10 during the challenge. Awards may be made in each travel category (walking, cycling, scooting, park ‘n’ stride and bus). The competition is open to all schools that have participated, or are participating, in the Green-Schools Travel theme and the Global Citizenship Travel theme.


How will your school be judged?

Your school will be judged based on the increase of students using the mode of travel you promote during the challenge and your innovation and creativity in promoting that mode in your school.  Terms-and-Conditions-2022


What are the prizes?

The overall winning school will receive a cash prize of €1,000 to be used for their Green-Schools Travel programme, with four runners up each receiving prize of €500.


Any other questions?

Please contact your Travel Officer or the Green-Schools Travel team at travel@greenschoolsireland.org if you have any questions.


Source: https://www.meath.ie/council/news/the-big-travel-challenge-2022

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