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Brought to you by HSE Health and Wellbeing, this evidence-based programme provides a unique opportunity for people to learn more about mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and resilience.

Minding Your Wellbeing is brought to you by HSE Health and Wellbeing. It aims to help you develop a positive outlook by looking after your mental health and wellbeing.

The programme provides an opportunity for you to learn more about:

  • mindfulness
  • gratitude
  • self-care
  • resilience


It has been adapted from a face-to-face programme as a series of 5 videos. Each video is about 20 minutes.


Video 1: Practicing self-care

Explores the idea of individual’s ‘self-care’ and encourages participants to build their own ‘self-care toolkit’ which includes healthy habits for our mental health and wellbeing.




Video 2: Understanding our thoughts

Invites participants to reflect on their own thinking and consider how thinking patterns can impact  wellbeing.




Video 3.  Exploring Emotions


Encourages participants to notice their emotions and increase their positive emotions to improve their wellbeing.




Video 4: Building positive relationships

Discusses ways in which participants can nurture, value and foster positive relationships which are so important for mental wellbeing.




Video 5: Improving resilience

Invites participants to build their resilience, learn about the building blocks of resilience including the importance of focussing on strengths.




Source: https://www2.hse.ie/healthy-you/minding-your-wellbeing-programme.html

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