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As vaccine roll-out continues and restrictions ease, the Covid-19 Fund at The Community Foundation for Ireland has pivoted to support communities and the non-profit sector to recover better.

Volunteers, communities, and charities are entering into the national recovery from Covid-19 deeply scarred, under resourced and drained from the pandemic. It is clear many lifeline organisations are struggling.

The precarious future facing many is backed up by research, including findings that eight-out-of-ten charities worry about maintaining services. After rallying to the call to Recover Better many communities and groups are now in serious danger of falling at the very first hurdle.

The Community Foundation for Ireland is rejuvenating its Covid-19 Fund to support communities and the not-for-profit sector to recover better from the restrictions, insecurity and exacerbated inequalities of the pandemic. The fund also aims to build resilience for future upheavals that might occur.

Our aim is to ensure Ireland recovers better than the pre-pandemic status quo. To achieve this ambitious goal there are two immediate areas where the Covid-19 Recovery Fund can make an impact. The Community Foundation is opening grant rounds to support:

· Community Recovery and Resilience

· Sector Recovery and Resilience


We are inviting applications to these grant rounds from Monday 6th September. Organisations may apply to one grant round only.


Community Recovery and Resilience: Overcoming Isolation

Covid-19 and the restrictions have impacted Irish communities hugely and marginalised groups have been affected disproportionately, further widening the inequality gap.

Isolation and the impact on health and wellbeing is affecting people of all ages. Through this funding we will support social prescribing initiatives in outdoor spaces and online. This will encourage peer support, a sense of community and improved mental wellbeing. Communities and organisations working with them have especially highlighted the need to develop outdoor opportunities for those they work with, as they grapple with living with Covid-19.

Grants of up to €3,000 will be available for grassroots and community development organisations for projects that encourage communities to overcome the isolation of the last year and a half. The key outcome of your project should be building a sense community that encourages socialising, peer support and improved wellbeing.

The Overcoming Isolation grant round is now open and will close at 4.30pm Thursday 7th October.

For more information and to access our online application form use the links below:

· Overcoming Isolation Criteria

· Overcoming Isolation FAQs


Sector Recovery and Resilience: Building Capacity

According to the Charities Regulator, 74% of charities reported a severe impact on their organisation’s income for 2020. And The Wheel has published that 82% of charities are very concerned about whether they will have sufficient funds to provide their services in 2021.

In order to recover stronger from the uncertainty of the pandemic, space to think, plan and strategize is crucial. Furthermore, with the uncertainty and even greater marginalisation created by the pandemic, research and advocacy is essential for creating a more equal and resilient society. This open grant round aims to build capacity, strength and resilience within the sector to build a more equal and empowered society.

Grants of up to €20,000 are available to organisations that have been deeply affected by the pandemic.

The Building Capacity grant round is now open and will close at 4.30pm Thursday 14th October.

For more information and to access our online application form use the links below:

· Building Capacity criteria

· Building Capacity FAQs


How to apply

Organisations are eligible to apply once to either Overcoming Isolation or Building Capacity.

1. Read through the criteria documents to check that your organisation and project is eligible.

2. Have a look at our Grants Hub for any additional information you might need.

3. Apply through our online application forms:

· Overcoming Isolation application form

· Building Capacity application form

4. Keep an eye on the deadline dates for your application. The Overcoming Isolation deadline is October 7th 2021 and the Building Capacity deadline is October 14th 2021

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