NESC Report – Digital Inclusion in Ireland: Connectivity, Devices & Skills

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The National Economic & Social Council (NESC) has published report no.154, Digital Inclusion in Ireland: Connectivity, Devices & Skills.

The report outlines disparities in access to ICT in Ireland, due to variations in access to connections, devices, and the skills and confidence to use ICT effectively.  Therefore NESC recommends the development of a national strategy for digital inclusion, with a key focus on co-ordinating existing work carried out by the State, businesses and the community. A comprehensive framework for digital skills progression and certification should be put in place, as well as targeted supports for key groups, including those with low incomes, and smaller businesses and farms.

You can find the publication and press release on www.nesc.ie


The report will be officially launched at an event on 1 July 2021. Further details of this can be found on www.nesc.ie.

NESC would like to thank all of you who contributed time and insights to the research for this report.

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