Our Rural Future: Minister Humphreys allocates €10.5 million for upgrade works on rural roads and laneways

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  • Funding to improve access to homes, farms and outdoor amenities
  • Every county to receive budget increase
  • Minister Humphreys: Supporting connectivity in rural Ireland is vital


The Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys TD, has today (14 May 2021) announced the allocation of €10.5 million for repairs and improvement works on non-public roads in rural communities.

The funding, announced under the Local Improvement Scheme, will improve access to rural homes and farms, as well as outdoor amenities such as lakes, rivers, mountains and beaches.

The €10.5 million allocation represents a 5% increase compared to 2020, with every county receiving an increase.

Over €68 million has now been invested under the Local Improvement Scheme since it was re-introduced in 2017.

The focus of the scheme is to support the continued improvement of rural roads and laneways that are not normally maintained by local authorities but which represent a vital piece of infrastructure for rural residents.


Announcing the €10.5 million in funding, Minister Humphreys said:

“As part of ‘Our Rural Future’, the Government has committed to increasing the level of investment in the repair of non-public roads through the Local Improvement Scheme.”

“I am therefore really pleased today to announce a 5% increase in funding under the Local Improvement Scheme.”

“The Local Improvement Scheme is an important source of funding for small non-public roads and laneways leading to homes and farms as well as outdoor amenities such as lakes, rivers, mountains and beaches.”

“Since the scheme was re-introduced in 2017, close to 2,400 roads have been funded for repair works. This has made a real difference to the lives of over 10,000 landowners and residents in rural Ireland.”


Minister Humphreys added:

“I know there is a significant demand for funding under the Local Improvement Scheme right across the country. That is why I am today announcing increased funding for every county under the scheme, however, I am acutely aware that more is needed. I am working to identify if additional funding can be provided for LIS in 2021 and I would therefore urge each Local Authority to utilise the funding announced today, and complete the repair works on the selected roads, as soon as possible.”

“This would position them well to undertake repairs on additional roads before the end of the year should further funding become available”.


The allocation to each county under the Local Improvement Scheme for 2021 is set out below.

Allocations under the 2021 Local Improvement Scheme:


Meath                  €346,394


Local Authorities are responsible for identifying and prioritising roads for improvement works under the scheme, in consultation with residents/landowners.

The funding provided by the Department of Rural and Community Development will be complemented by a local financial contribution from landowners/householders, as well as Local Authority resources.

There will be a cap of €1,200 on the amount that any individual householder or landowner will be asked to contribute towards the cost of repairs to their road.






The LIS was reintroduced in September 2017 and over €58 million has already been provided for works on close to 2,400 roads. The additional funding announced today will bring that total to over €68 million.

Eligible Roads

Eligible roads under the Local Improvement Scheme are:

  • Non-public roads that provide access to parcels of agricultural land, or provide access for harvesting purposes (including turf or seaweed) for two or more persons.; or
  • Non-public roads leading to important community amenities such as graveyards, beaches, piers, mountains, etc.


Non Eligible Roads

Non-eligible roads include:

  • Roads serving only houses or buildings occupied or used by persons not engaged in Agriculture, and
  • Roads leading to commercial enterprises

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