Trim FRC Community Food Bank initiative

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Trim Family Resource Centre Community Food Bank initiative brings much needed food supplies to local families who have difficulty purchasing enough to meet their needs and not fall into financial difficulties.

Via Food Cloud and Neighbourly Community Fund platforms surplus food is collected from local businesses – Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, M&S, Dunnes Stores and given away to local families twice a week. We receive a lot of non perishable products  with long shelf life and also some products that  are close to their best before date. All foods are still safe for consumption and some are suitable for home freezing.

Additionally, local families are encouraged to avail of Pop Up Bakery every week when they can collect bakery goods from the Bungalow, 15 Wellington Avenue, C15 FC03.

Those goods are just passed their best before date but are still safe for eating or home freezing. There is no need to register for Pop Up Bakery as the aim of this initiative is to reduce food waste in our community.

Trim FRC Community Food Bank is hugely supported by volunteers collecting and sorting the donations and benefits on average 50 families per week.


For more information or registration details, please call ph. 087 6602088.

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