‘Share the Load on the Road’: Community Buddy programme from Cycle Against Suicide

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Cycle Against Suicide is intensifying our commitment to support your mental health and the health of those you care about along with your community. We are hosting a virtual cycle ‘Share the Load on the Road’ which replaces our annual Main Cycle: : https://www.cycleagainstsuicide.com/sharetheload/

This event is supporting our Community Buddy programme, a peer support programme that trains and equips individuals in local communities across Ireland with the practical, hands-on skills and knowledge they need to deliver support to those in mental health distress in their local communities. Through this programme, mental health Buddies are trained to provide a listening ear, show empathy, discern the level of mental health distress an individual is going through, and make recommendations for appropriate professional help and resources that can help the individual cope positively and build resilience. Full details are available at: https://www.cycleagainstsuicide.com/community-buddy-club/

Our aim is to create ‘Buddy Communities’, similar to ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ across Ireland.

By supporting this event participants are helping Cycle Against Suicide create a valuable group of skilled and knowledgeable mental health Buddies who can provide free support to people in their community who may be struggling.

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