National Environmental Pillar: Training for Community Groups

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To aid groups in completing the Community Groups Eligibility Form , the national Environmental Pillar are offering an information session aimed at Community&Voluntary and Social Inclusion groups.


In this information session, we will focus on the eligibility form and explore the reasons behind the environmental standards that a group should meet if they wish to join the PPN Environmental College.


Attendees will gain insight into common environmental challenges, including why they are of importance and how they can address them through their work. Examples of positive solutions and alternatives to previous practices will be shown. This session will not only provide help in completing the eligibility form for joining the PPN Environmental College, but give a deeper understanding of how a group can strengthen their environmental work, or become a group whose main aims are to tackle local environmental challenges.


If you are interested in availing of this training for your PPN, please let me know at catherine@ien.ie. If demand is high we will organise regional events, with videos of presentations available afterwards for those who cannot attend.


Click here to view the full training proposal.

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