Meath Local Sports Partnership: February 2021 Update

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Please see Meath LSP’s planned programmes below. All programmes are delivered whilst adhering to current public health guidelines.


Walk n Tone Podcast Programme

Do you want to add more variety to your walks? Meath LSP are launching our Walk n’ Tone podcast programme! This is a 4-week walking programme that includes 2 podcasts per week. The podcast includes mobility, balance and walking incorporated with some strength toning exercises. Toning videos will be included to give guidance on how to perform the strength/balancing exercises with correct technique.

Our tutor will TALK you through each session. Suitable for beginners. It can be completed in your own time. The podcast programme will start on Monday 15th February. If you would like to register or for more information, please contact Luke Condie at luke.condie@meathcoco.ie


Men on the Move

Men’s only podcast and exercise video series! Cost is €10 for this 4 week programme. Men will have access to 3 sessions per week – 2 podcasts which will be suitable for beginners (walking pace) and 1 exercise video per week which will focus on strength and some stretching. To register see http://www.meathsports.ie/women-in-sport/men-on-the-move/


Online Pilates Classes

Beginners Pilates: Back by popular demand! Beginners Pilates is for people who would like to try pilates for the first time! Improve your strength, flexibility and balance from the comfort of your own home with an experienced Physiotherapist. This beginners programme (18yrs+) will cost only €10 for the 4 weeks. Zoom class starting Wednesday 17th February at 7pm.

Improvers Pilates: The Improvers class is suitable for people who have some experience of pilates and want to progress a little more. Zoom class will take place at Wednesday 17th February at 8pm. Don’t worry if dates don’t suit you as we can send you the video of the class each week so you can complete in your own time. Both classes are delivered by our excellent tutor Siobhan Delea.

To register see http://www.meathsports.ie/beginners-pilates/


Fitness Made Easy

Meath LSP want to help you get active at home with ‘Fitness Made Easy’ online home circuits!

Beginners Ciruit Training

This beginners circuit class is suitable for adults with any level of physical activity. This is a 4 week programme with two classes per week (Mon & Thurs) that are pre-recorded and sent via email. There is no gym equipment required (mat & chair optional). There will also be an additional progression programme after completing these 4 weeks.

Improvers Circuit Training

Improvers Circuit Training is for people who have some experience of circuit training. This is a 4 week programme with two classes per week which will be held live via Zoom on Mondays & Thursdays @8pm. Starting Monday 1st March. There is no equipment required. If you have weights/bands/water bottles – you can make exercises more challenging if needed!

This is a great opportunity to build a basic level of fitness which will lead you to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Cost of Beginners or Improvers Classes: €10 for 4 weeks (2 sessions per week)

How to book: See https://eventmaster.ie/event/0p4xczqsA1


Older People – Move Well Exercise Videos

Meath LSP in association with Meath County Council, Age Friendly Meath and Sport Ireland have produced an exercise DVD for older people and people with a disability. The resource includes 4 dance and 4 seated Pilates classes which can all be completed from your home. The resource is also available on USB so it can be used on a laptop, tablet or Smart TV.

This new and exciting resource is NOW AVAILABLE! If you would like to find out more or want to order a copy email Luke at luke.condie@meathcoco.ie or call 046-9067337.


Safeguarding 1 Basic Awareness in Child Protection

 23rd March | 7th April | 6.30pm-9.30pm | Zoom (ONLINE)

 This workshop will highlight the main principles of the Code and look at measures that clubs can take to create and maintain the safest possible environment for sport for young people. This course is essential for anyone who is in contact with children in their club.

Due to COVID-19, courses will now take place via online platform – Zoom. The course is certified and it will have the same content and tutor delivering. The cost of the course is €20 if you are in a club in Meath and €30 if you are in a club outside of Meath.

Places are limited. To book a place, please call Lynn on 046-9067337 or email lynn.oreilly@meathcoco.ie.


Safeguarding 2 Club Children’s Officer Workshop

22nd April | 27th May | 6.30pm-9.30pm | Zoom (ONLINE)

Every club involved with children and young people should appoint a Club Children’s Officer. They act as the link between the children and the adults in the club. It is essential that those who wish to attend have completed Safeguarding 1 Basic Awareness Training. Cost: €20 per person for clubs in Meath, €30 per person for clubs outside Meath.

Places are limited. To book a place, please call Lynn on 046-9067337 or email lynn.oreilly@meathcoco.ie.


Family Fun Games

Meath LSP have a series of family fun games resources on our website!

These games focus firstly on being FUN for all the family. They are easy to understand, easy to replicate and require very little equipment. Alternatives are provided so if you don’t have the equipment, household items can be used instead.

These games are not only for fun but for passing the time during this period of isolation and getting the recommended activity levels in. They also focus on improving children’s physical literacy and FUNdamental movement skills, which is so important in allowing children to move confidently in a wide range of activity and sports settings. Check out the link below for a large bank of games, these games can be downloaded and printed or viewed on any device. See http://www.meathsports.ie/being-active-during-covid-19/family-fun-games/


Run Jump Throw Online

This online weekly slot will see participants enjoy 30 minutes of fun movements, challenges and dance delivered live by our experienced tutor. The programme is aimed at children with Autism / Intellectual disability aged 6-18 years.

  • Date: Tuesday 9th March – Tuesday 13th April
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Time: 4pm-4:30pm
  • Cost: €10 per participant
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Contact: Terry on tdonegan@meathcoco.ie / 0469067337



Primary Schools – ONLINE programmes for students

Teen Fitness Challenge

This is a 4 week fitness challenge for students to test their fitness! If you want to increase aerobic endurance and improve muscular strength, this challenge is for you!

After completing the programme students will have the option to challenge yourself to complete the Irish Army Fitness test.

To register your interest in this programme please email Lisa at lodowd@meathcoco.ie


Dance Classes

Have you ever wanted to DANCE but didn’t know where to start? Well now you do! From the hit movie ‘High School Musical’, our dance tutor will lead you through a step by step tutorial and keep you moving to the song “We’re all in this together”. From start to finish this amazing dance tutorial will make it easy for you to learn the complete dance routine in one week.

Dirty Dancing “Time of My Life” – It’s one of the most famous movie songs of all time and a real favourite with teens. Our tutor will take you through a newly choreographed routine in two easy to follow sessions. Dancing is a whole-body workout that’s actually fun! It’s good for your heart, it makes you stronger and it can help with balance and coordination. A 30-minute dance class burns between 130 and 250 calories- about the same as jogging. Dance is also known to reduce stress and promote positive mental health. Dancing makes us happy!

To register your interest in this programme please email Lisa at lodowd@meathcoco.ie


Secondary Schools – ONLINE programmes for students

Pilates for Teens  

Discover the core-strengthening and total-body toning benefits of this new online Pilates programme specifically aimed towards students and young people (aged 13yrs+)!

This 6-part online course (1 class per week) increases muscle strength, tones abdominal muscles while also enhancing muscular control of your back and limbs. This is an all body workout – feel the burn!

To register your interest in this programme please email Lisa at lodowd@meathcoco.ie


Yoga for Teens 

With the anxiety and worries of todays world and also the physical/emotional changes happening in teenagers lives, a well balanced yoga practice can be a sanctuary to restore calm and a sense of balance for young people today.

Our Teen yoga class can give teens the tools to face challenges with greater confidence. 4 x 25 minute Yoga Class aimed specifically towards teenagers.

To register your interest in this programme please email Lisa at lodowd@meathcoco.ie


Kickboxing for Teens 

New 4 part online Kickboxing Class suitable for complete beginners – this total body workout is ideal for teens looking to try something new. Kickboxing is a dynamic fitness sport combining martial art and boxing techniques set to music. Kickboxing can be practiced for self-defence, general fitness, or as a contact sport. A workout suitable for all fitness levels and a great way to stay in shape.

To register your interest in this programme please email Lisa at lodowd@meathcoco.ie


Teacher Training Programmes

Teacher Training – Basketball School Programme

In collaboration with Basketball Ireland, Meath LSP are inviting 15 Primary Schools to express their interest in taking part in a new online school Basketball programme. This programme includes online teacher training videos demonstrating skills and teaching techniques aimed at children 5yrs+. Each school will receive a school basketball pack which includes basketballs, hula hoops, cones and training bibs. Everything you need to introduce basketball in your school for a cost of €25!

To register your schools’ interest please email Lisa at lodowd@meathcoco.ie

‘Ready to Go Orienteering’

Ready to Go Orienteering aims to equip teachers with the skills to teach the fundamentals of the sport to their class and provide them with the necessary resources to do this. Cost: €60 per school (1 teacher).

Programme consists of:

  • 2 hour online teacher training (Feb)
  • 3 hour face to face training (March)
  • Resource folder
  • Equipment pack (10 kites, 10 punches and 100 control cards)

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