Touch-type Read & Spell (TTRS) courses free with Meath County Council Library Service

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Did you know that as a library member, you can access the Touch-type Read & Spell (TTRS) course for free?

TTRS is a multisensory, structured, online typing course which assists students to learn at their own pace.

In addition to developing typing skills, TTRS is designed to benefit students of all ages, in particular those who experience spelling, reading or writing difficulties. Learners with dyslexia or literacy issues have also found it helpful

TTRS can be beneficial for:

  • learners with Dyspraxia
  • learners with Dysgraphia
  • students studying English as a second language
  • those who wish to upskill and improve their general typing skills
  • those who wish to improve their literacy skills or those having literacy difficulties
  • those who wish to improve their memory skills or who are experiencing memory problems


How does TTRS work?

If you are a member of Meath County Council Library Service and if you have Internet access at home, then you can use TTRS at home. Alternatively, you can access it from one of our public PCS in the library. The course is very user-friendly.  There are many different levels and modules which learners can work through and improve on, and on completion you can get a Certificate of Completion to represent all the hard work you have done! In addition to the main TTRS course, there is also a TTRS subjects section. This is only recommended after learners have completed at least 3 levels of the main course. Subjects include maths, grammar and science.


How to get access to TTRS

If you would like access to TTRS, please contact your local library, giving your full name, email address and Library card number. We will send you a username and password along with the login instructions.

For further useful information on TTRS check out their website.

As our libraries are currently closed under level 5 restrictions, users may register by emailing meathlibrariessocial@meathcoco.ie stating their full name, local library and email address.

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