SJI Podcast: PPN Vision for Community Wellbeing

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SJI Interview Series Ep28: Visions for Community Wellbeing – Public Participation Networks

There has been a recent political shift towards wellbeing, with talk of a Wellbeing Budget for 2021 and the publication of a discussion document on Wellbeing Indicators with that Budget. This is a good thing, but how those Wellbeing Indicators are developed, and who is consulted, will be key to their success.

In 2018, the Public Participation Networks (PPNs) embarked on a large consultative project to develop Visions for Community Wellbeing across all Local Authority areas. This process saw community groups come together to develop a vision for their community for this and future generations.

In this episode of Social Justice Matters, Colette Bennett speaks to Siobhán Cronogue of Longford PPN, Helen Howes of County Wicklow PPN and Dr. Harriet Emerson, independent consultant, about the process of developing these Visions; their policy impact, and the potential for this process to inform the national Wellbeing Indicators.

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