RTE Does Comic Relief: Fund open for applications

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RTE Does Comic Relief: fund open for applications

Closing date: 30th September 2020


In response to the significant need of community and voluntary groups across Ireland, many of whom are working to support people affected by Covid-19, RTÉ and Kite Entertainment came together to host RTÉ does Comic Relief. The night of entertainment raised over €5.5million for the Community and Voluntary sector which will be distributed through a process of application and assessment.

The funds raised through RTÉ does Comic Relief will focus on the recovery and rebuilding of Ireland. The fund will focus on supporting non-profit organisations that provide key services and supports to vulnerable individuals who have been affected by Covid-19 across the whole of the Republic of Ireland.

Organisations can apply to one or both of the following strands:

Demand for Digital

  • In a sector where the face to face or a ‘direct delivery’ model has historically been key to providing impactful support, organisations are now faced with a significant challenge – how to support vulnerable and at risk individuals in a time where 1-1 contact is increasingly difficult.
  • The RTÉ Does Comic Relief: ‘Demand for Digital’ strand seeks to address this challenge, providing support to organisations across Ireland to adapt their existing programmes, or develop new ones, by using digital tools or online technology.


Adapt and Respond

  • Due to the changing nature of Covid-19 there is a significant need for organisations to adapt and respond to a variety of challenges, both internal and external.
  • By investing in organisations and improving their capacity to deliver key services we aim to create the best possible impact, helping non-profit organisations to continue to support thousands of vulnerable people throughout Ireland who have been and continue to be affected by Covid-19.
  • RTÉ Does Comic Relief: Adapt and Respond aims to support organisations to increase their internal capacity to deliver existing or new services in response to Covid-19.




Within The RTÉ Does Comic Relief: Adapt and Respond Strand, collaborative projects are welcome and encouraged. Such projects will be given priority during assessment and may be awarded a higher level of funding.

For a project to be considered within this category it must by truly collaborative i.e. a coming together of two or more organisations that will lead to an increased or ‘outsized’ social impact.

If you are working in collaboration with other organisations in response to Covid-19 and would like to find out more about how you can apply as a collaborative project, please email covidresponse@foundation.ie.


We recommend that you read through the criteria for both strands in full before beginning your application:

RTÉ Does Comic Relief: Demand for Digital Criteria

RTÉ Does Comic Relief: Adapt and Respond Criteria


How to apply

  1. Read both criteria documents to check that your project is suitable, and your organisation is eligible to apply.
  2. Read through our FAQs and have a look at our Grants Hub for any additional information you might need.
  3. Apply through our online application forms:
    1. RTÉ Does Comic Relief: Demand for Digital
    2. RTÉ Does Comic Relief: Adapt and Respond
  4. Your online application can be saved as a draft if you want to come back to it at a later date.
  5. The closing date is 4.30pm Wednesday 30th September. We recommend you submit your application well before this deadline in case of any unexpected issues.

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