Equality Fund 2020 – 2023: Rethink Ireland

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Equality Fund 2020 – 2023

At Rethink Ireland, we know that Ireland is not an equal place for everyone who lives here. We are committed to partnering with civil society organisations to challenge these inequalities and to create a country where everyone can feel accepted and thrive.

That is why on July 13th we launched the Equality Fund 2020 – 2023.

This €3 million Fund is supported by the Peter Kinney and Lisa Sandquist Foundation and the Government of Ireland. This Fund will support organisations and groups that empower marginalised communities and tackle systemic inequality.

The fund wants to partner with civil society organisations to enhance equality for one or more of the following communities:

  1. Traveller and Roma people
  2. Migrant people, (including people in need of  international protection)
  3. People from minority ethnic communities
  4. LGBTI+ people
  5. People with disabilities
  6. People living in poverty


We also wish to support freedom of civil society, solidarity between groups, collaborations and community work approaches.

This Fund has three strands:

  • Empowering Women: This strand supports projects to empower more women from minority communities into employment. This strand will also fund projects which support women who are employed on an informal basis, in low paying jobs, or who find it difficult to assert their rights.


  • Strengthening Communities: This strand supports projects which empower communities to advocate for themselves. They will strengthen equality in Ireland through community work and collective action.


  • Building Equality Together: This strand supports projects or networks to work together to enhance equality. We seek applications from two or more organisations who have come together to promote equality. This includes existing networks and collaborations.


We are currently accepting applications to this fund before 5 pm on Monday, September 14th, 2020.

We will be hosting several webinars over the next few weeks that will provide potential applicants with further information on the Equality Fund and the application process. We would greatly appreciate you sending this information to other relevant organisations in your network.

In the meantime please check out our website for more information about this fund. Any queries can be directed to equality@rethinkireland.ie

Kind regards,
Michael Barron and the Equality Fund Team


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