Environmental Pillar: Updated criteria and eligibility form

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The Irish Environmental Network have updated the criteria for groups who wish to be included in the Environmental College of the PPN.

They have been streamlined to make it easier to know who is automatically eligible for inclusion, and to show the process which we have in place when considering groups. We have also taken out some elements that were clashing with PPNs’ existing criteria.

If a group is not on the list of automatically eligible groups, they can complete the Community Group Eligibility Form to be considered for inclusion in the Environmental College.

This form should be completed by any group not on the list of automatically eligible groups.

Any groups currently in the Community or Social Inclusion Colleges whose core focus is environmental can also use this form to show their work and be considered for inclusion in the Environmental College.

Groups can be included now who have an environmental ethos at their core, but who are not traditionally considered to be an environmental group. Such groups include Tidy Towns groups or Residents Associations.


Click here to download the Criteria and the Eligibility Form (pdf or doc), or find them on the IEN website here.



Eligibility criteria for an organisation seeking or renewing membership of the Environmental Electoral College

The primary objectives and activities of the organisation must be Environmental (i.e. Ecological) protection and / or environmental sustainability. See list of possible activities in B, below.

  • The organisation must be a not for profit organisation.
  • The organisation must be formally organised, in line with the criteria to join their county’s PPN.
  • The organisation must have been in existence for the period of time in line with the criteria to join their county’s PPN.
  • The organisation must be able to demonstrate a substantial level of activity in promoting its aims and objectives over a period of at least 6 months prior to application for membership.
  • Single issue protest groups are not eligible for membership. Single issue protest groups are groups who organise themselves around one issue only, with no engagement outside of that issue.

Suggested list of acceptable Environmental areas applicable to regional and local groups who will be eligible to join the Environment Electoral College.

Any group whose main objective is to address environmental, climate,
biodiversity, or sustainability issues is an environmental group. These
issues include:

  • Permanent protection of wildlife
  • Permanent protection of habitat
  • Species specific care – protection/rehabilitation/reintroduction
  • Organic horticulture or education
  • Environmental education or protection
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Resource efficiency and recycling
  • Invasive alien species prevention/removal
  • Rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife
  • Environmental policy


If your group wants to be considered for inclusion in Meath PPN Environmental Pillar, please complete attached form and return meathppn@meathcoco.ie

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