AgeWell Progamme Review

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The AgeWell programme has been running for the past two years in county Meath.

The latest data on the programme has been released. Please see results below.

AgeWell is a unique care model for older people which combines peer-based social engagement and mobile technology to improve health outcomes and well-being among older people. Within the first 4 months of introducing the AgeWell programme , significant improvements were recognised in all parameters measured including wellbeing, loneliness, social support, self-rated health and physical activity levels. Importantly, these gains continued to increase in clients assessed for up to 2 years in the programme. These trends point to the power of the Third Age/AgeWell programme to contribute to sustained improvement in the lives of community dwelling older people in Meath.

If you would like to know any further information about AgeWell please contact:

Avril Hevey, Agewell Programme Manager

Third Age, Summerhill, Co.Meath.

087 7435361

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