Update from Community Finance Ireland: Funding Impact of Covid

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Please find an update below from Community Finance Ireland:

Over recent months Community Finance Ireland became a member of Philanthropy Ireland (PI). Arising from a recent virtual meeting (all the rage now!), hosted by PI, we came across the following links which may be of use to your organisation, or others that you know of facing difficulty right now, and/or uncertain of what the future holds –



  • Many of you will be in continuous receipt of some form of grant aid. What can grant funders do to support these organisations now and create the conditions in which more can get through this crisis and bounce back to play the role we will need them to in the recovery? This link might help steer constructive conversations here in Ireland.
  • https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Coronavirus-6-Steps-for-Grant/248202



  • Of course, from the perspective of loan finance for communities, please know that we continue to remain available to discuss both present and future needs, regardless of what stage a project is at, be it merely a concept or, nearing completion.
  • https://www.communityfinance.ie/
    Twitter: @ComfinanceIrl

Recently we have been dealing mostly with questions relating to security, the most cost effective way to manage debt during the pandemic, at what point should you introduce loan finance to a project, what can be done about personal loans to communities, and other matters to consider when approaching a social finance provider.

We welcome all challenging questions, so keep them coming!

As is becoming increasingly apparent …. It’s good to talk!

Stay Safe!

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