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The Citizens Information Service remains operational at this time. Below is a summary of our work, support offers and way to contact us both locally and nationally.

Locally we are operating Citizens Information Centres (CIC) as follows:

*   Ashbourne CIC- Office calls and emails are being directed to Navan CIC

*   Trim CIC:  Ph- 0761076180- has an Information Officer on site every day to answer calls and emails.

*   Navan CIC: Ph- 0761076150 – has two Information Officers on site daily to answer calls and emails.

Meath staff are also assisting in the following areas of support as information responders to the national email and telephone call back service:

*   covid19@citinfo.ie

*   https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/callback.html

*   CIPS- National Call Centre 0761074000 Monday to Friday 9am- 5pm.

We are committed to assisting the public in a timely and efficient manner and  our website is experiencing a massive number of hits daily. The content of which all is maintained by our head office based in Georges Quay Dublin:


North Leinster CIS in tandem with it our 7 other country wide CIS’s are here and readily available to assist citizens in providing relevant and up to date information and support during this time.

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