One Family: supports for people parenting alone

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One Family is a family support organisation working specifically with people parenting alone, sharing parenting and separating.

We have moved all our services to telephone and online and our national askonefamily helpline provides listening support to those in distress, information on a wide range of topics and local signposting.

We have a parenting support group on facebook and website posts on difficult issues such as managing access visits during this crisis; planning to become ill and temporary guardianship; as well as social welfare queries. Our askonefamily helpline has dedicated sessions on Early Years; Parenting Supports; Telephone Counselling. These times are available through our social media and website www.onefamily.ie. We can be contacted on

0818 662 212 or  01 662 9212 and email  helpline@onefamily.ie .

From our work in the past few weeks with people living in one-parent families, we believe the most important practical issues they have at the moment are:

– the need for help with shopping particularly where shops have banned children or the parent or child are ill and they are unable to leave their home

– a friendly face, a social connection, a query about how things are going

– hard copies of crucial social welfare forms particularly those in relation to nominating someone else to collect a payment and to have a payment transferred to a bank account.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require support.

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