MAHS: Unveiling of the memorial plaque to Alice Stopford Green – Saturday, 7th December, Kells

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The Meath Archaeological and Historical Society are holding an unveiling ceremony for the memorial plaque to Alice Stopford Green (1847-1929)  in Kells on Saturday, 7 December, at 11.30 am.


  • Minister of State Helen McEntee has agreed to perform the unveiling at the Tourist Centre (Old Courthouse).
  • Dr Angus Mitchell, UL, will give a presentation following an introduction by Dr Christopher McCormack
  • After the presentation, refreshments will be served in the Centre.


Alice Stopford Green was a native of Kells (daughter of the Church of Ireland rector, Archdeacon Stopford), born in the old Archdeaconry (now Blackwater House, on the Carlanstown Road). She made a very significant contribution to the Irish nationalist movement from the late 19th century and was a close confidante of and intellectual influence on many of the leaders of that movement – Casement, Childers, Hobson, De Valera, Griffith and Collins. She became a Senator in the first government of the Free State in 1922. A noted historian, she wrote one of the most influential works from an Irish cultural historical perspective, “The Making of Ireland and Its Undoing” (1908).


Frank Cogan, President, MAHS:

We are very grateful for the assistance and advice provided by the County Council for the siting of the memorial plaque project, which is intended to honour the memory of a very distinguished daughter of North Meath from the past. It will be a notable addition to the programme of the Decade of Centenaries in the County.

For any queries or further information you may contact me at (087) 6100488 of be email at: frank_cogan@hotmail.com.

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