Keep in touch – Re-Registration of Meath PPN Member Groups

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Why re-register?

We would like to stay in touch with you and hope that you will continue your membership of Meath PPN.

The current Meath PPN register is almost 5 years old.  Membership and contact information will have changed over time.  All PPNs are requested to re-register groups and ensure the accuracy of membership records in accordance with GDPR and good governance.


What is the process for re-registration?

We will be making contact with the primary contact for each group registered with Meath PPN before 2019

Emails will be sent  during the  week commencing 19th August. The email will contain links to an online form.

The online form will show the current information on your group & corrections can be recorded on this form.

The primary contact will also choose from the following options:

  1. I am the primary contact and I confirm re-registration – re-registration process completed
  2. I am not the primary contact and cannot confirm re-registration– you will then be asked to confirm you have permission to give new contact details. If not, we will follow up by phone.
  3. I am the primary contact and I confirm that the organisation no longer wishes to be a PPN Member –Your group will be removed from the Meath PPN database.


Groups are encouraged to change the contact email from a private one to a general group email account if available.


The strength of the PPN relies on the depth and diversity of its membership across community and voluntary groups in Meath. We hope that groups will re-confirm their engagement with the PPN and help to fulfill its potential for Meath.

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