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A new online toolkit is available to support those developing sustainable communities that are economically thriving, environmentally healthy and socially resilient: https://www.sustainabletoolkit.ie/. The toolkit has online resources such as videos, action ideas, case studies and information supports under the below 5 key themes:

1) Ecological integrity: In a world of changing climate, over reliance on earth’s resources and loss of biodiversity, communities can be part of a wider movement of change towards a sustainable future.

2) Health & Well-being: Everyone in our community should be able to flourish and thrive, feel connected, satisfied with services and be able to cope with whatever knocks they encounter now and for future generations.

3) Participation and Engagement:  A sustainable community is one that puts it’s most vulnerable members at its centre. How do we ensure all voices are at the decision-making table and that services as accessible as possible?

4) Culture and Heritage: Each community is unique in their own special way and we need to nurture this integrity of place so that when faced with difficult decisions, that community will know what they are willing to accept.

5) Economic Resilience: How can we make our communities more financially sustainable, while at the same time challenging unsustainable economic models of development and promoting a model of development that is good for people, good for the planet.

This toolkit is for sharing with all community and voluntary groups and interested individuals.  If you have any questions or need any help you can contact Johnny Sheehan (johnny@wheel.ie) or Vincent Carragher (vincent@wheel.ie)



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