Dementia Awareness Training Programme for Transport Service Providers

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The Dementia Elevator project is delighted to inform you that the free, online Dementia Awareness Training Programme for Transport Service Providers is now  available on the Dementia 
Elevator website!
Access the programme on  http://www.elevator-pst.com/?course=transport-course .This innovative programme will give transport services staff an understanding of what it means for 
passengers to live with dementia, and will provide some basic communication skills and strategies which could support them to use transport services. It was developed in close consultation with staff working in the transport services sector as well as people living with dementia.

What does the training include?
The training is interactive and engaging and is divided into 5 short modules.
The content includes:
 • An overview of what it means to live with dementia
 • Interviews with experts in the field including a person with dementia
 • A series of video scenarios set on a transport service, exploring supportive communication skills, and other useful strategies which could support passengers with dementia
• What a dementia friendly physical environment looks like.
 Programme features include:
• Reflective exercises with each module
• An online forum 
• Additional resources with each module
• A facilitator’s resource pack for group delivery
• A certificate on completion. 
For more information - Read More - Elevator Transport Flyer

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