National Waste Management Plan for a Circular Economy: consultation

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The National Waste Management Plan for a Circular Economy is Ireland’s framework for the prevention and management of waste.

Source: https://www.mywaste.ie/national-waste-plan/


The Plan has been built through engagement with key stakeholders.

While we have made great progress the plan identifies challenges to which we can all respond.


The Ambition of the plan is to put a lid on the amount of waste each person produces.


The Plan seeks to accelerate the transition to a more circular economy where materials remain in use for longer.

Tell us what YOU think!

How can the Plan help you to reduce waste and keep stuff in use for longer?

You can help…

Make a submission in the box below or  email submissions@nationalwasteplan.ie or by post to the lead authorities by 4pm on the 5th of July 2023. Postal addresses are in the public notice in downloads.

Submissions with attachments must be emailed.

We can help…

Do you want to see a short summary of the plan? Click here to download.

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