East Meath-North Dublin Grid Upgrade: public consultation closing date approaching – 30th November 2022

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EirGrid, the national grid operator, has identified 4 potential routes for the new 400kv underground electricity cable, connecting Woodland substation near Batterstown in Co Meath to Belcamp substation near Clonshaugh in Dublin.

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EirGrid is encouraging members of the public to submit their views on the East Meath – North Dublin Grid Upgrade, before the public consultation closes on November 30 next.

The operator of Ireland’s electricity grid commenced a 12-week public consultation in September, on four possible routes for the new 400kV underground electricity cable project.

The East Meath – North Dublin Grid Upgrade is a high-capacity electricity connection between Woodland electricity substation, near Batterstown in County Meath, to Belcamp electricity substation, near Clonshaugh in north Dublin.

This project is needed to address the increased electricity demand in east Meath and north Dublin, due to economic activity and population growth, while also reducing the use of fossil fuels for electricity generation and preparing the grid for increased volumes of renewable energy.

The extensive engagement process involved public information days, door-to-door engagement, public webinars and local landowner engagement, which saw the project team visit and speak to communities and stakeholders across the study area.

Briefings of chambers of commerce, local authorities, elected representatives and businesses in both counties took place, along with technical stakeholder briefings.

Speaking about the feedback to date, Michael Mahon, EirGrid Chief Infrastructure Officer said: “Submissions we have received from communities along the proposed routes shows us people want a say in how grid infrastructure is developed, and we are listening.”

“The electricity system ultimately exists to serve the needs of communities

and wider society, and as such, we believe that communities should be engaged in this process,” said Mahon.


Members of the public can find out more about the four proposed route options at https://www.eirgridgroup.com/the-grid/projects/cp1021/whats-happening-now/


Have their say by making a submission on, or before November 30, at consult.eirgrid.ie.


  • The 400kV underground cable circuit was identified earlier this year as the best-performing technical option.


  • A community forum has been established for the project and will receive project updates and provide guidance to the EirGrid project team on any relevant community issues. The forum will also oversee the implementation of a community benefit fund and communicate information to a wider group of local stakeholders.

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