Meath PPN: 2021 Re-Registration

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The Meath PPN is  currently  carrying out a 2021 re-registration of  all  it’ s members groups.

Re-registration is a process to confirm if a group wishes to remain as a PPN member or otherwise.  It also allows us to update member group information and contact details in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  All current member groups in the PPN are being issued with this request.

The benefits and opportunities of PPN membership are outlined below along with a change to grant application requirements. A time-frame and next steps are also outlined.



  • Communication: We can stay in touch and share information on funding programmes, events, initiatives & consultations
  • Training:  Member groups can avail of free training to build their capacity and support their activities. We will develop a training programme in consultation with member groups.



  • Network:  The PPN can offer opportunities to make new contacts and develop collaboration with other groups on shared actions and challenges.
  • Development: Opportunity to participate in the  development  of the Meath PPN so that the network is useful, flexible and effective for its members.  The 2020 PPN Handbook (link here) sets out the reasons why PPNs were formed and how they should operate to meet the aims of community participation and representation.



  • Please note that Meath County Council have confirmed that PPN membership will no longer be a requirement for grant applications.



  • We hope to complete the re-registration in a month.
  • The closing date to re-register is 14th November 2021


Next step:

  • When membership is re-confirmed, a Plenary Meeting (a meeting open to all member groups) will be scheduled.
  • The PPN will work with Meath County Council and the Dept. Rural & Community Development towards the holding of the Plenary Meeting.


Submitting a re-registration:

We will  be in touch with the primary contact for each member group over the coming weeks

Contact: meathppn@meathcoco.ie 


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