Consultation: Review of the National Development Plan

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The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform invites submissions to Review to Renew, the public consultation element of the National Development Plan.

This consultation offers all people in Ireland – expert stakeholders and users of infrastructure – the opportunity to inform and influence important policy that affects the fabric of our daily lives including the distribution of our people, our jobs, businesses, houses, roads, public transport, education and health infrastructure; our social, cultural and sporting facilities.

The review will not be considering the merit of individual projects or sectoral policy strategies as this is a primarily matter for individual Departments and Agencies. Individual projects are selected based on a detailed process which begins with Departments or Agencies setting their own sectoral strategy and goals, and then subsequently identifying specific needs or challenges to be addressed, whether that be through education, regulation, taxation or potentially expenditure on an infrastructure project.


Below is a link to the consultation:

consultation on reviewing the National Development Plan.

The consultation period  will run to 5pm, 19 February 2021. 

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