Social Justice Ireland: Budget 2021 submission

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Social Justice Ireland has just published Budget Choices 2021, our pre-budget policy briefing which contains detailed, fully-costed Budgetary packages across more than a dozen policy areas including health, housing, education, welfare, sustainability and more. It also contains a range of costed revenue-raising proposals. Click here to read the full document for free, or to watch the video of our launch seminar.

As the first budget of the Government of the 33rd Dáil, Budget 2021 will be a litmus test of how serious Government is taking its commitment to the creation of a new social contract, contained in the Programme for Government. It is also important because the Covid-19 pandemic gives this budget unique context. The economic and fiscal disruption created by the pandemic-related restrictions and lockdown measures presents Government with an unprecedented challenge in framing this budget.

Read our proposals on the fiscal stance and other policy areas by clicking here.

If you would like any further information on the issues outlined above, or details of the specific proposals in Budget Choices 2021, we would be more than happy to talk to you.

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