Heroes at Home – a poem of thanks to our health workers

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Heroes at Home

They call it a pandemic,
The worst since WWII
A disease, a scam, a virus,
And nobody has a clue

But when this beast o mighty
Landed on our shore,
Our little island had no choice,
But to go to war.

The ones who are really saving us
Aren’t the army in their ranks,
They’re the nurses and the doctors,
So in them we place our thanks.

As we stand in supermarkets,
Wondering what to buy,
A nurse stands in a corridor
Waiting for the next person to die.

They do battle on the front lines,
But without guns or tanks
And we can never give enough
Gratitude or thanks.

They throw themselves in the way
Of covid-19 deaths,
They block, and parry, and prevent
Hundreds of last breaths.

At war a soldier’s aim
Is to kill with a thrust,
But health workers do the opposite,
So in them we place our trust.

Oh yes, we all think constantly,
About the day when peace will be restored
And we will remember 2020,
The year our little island roared.

We stand together but apart,
To say with all our heart…
Healthcare Workers,
You’re providing a future,
For us to live,
And so we say,

By Cairah Beckham, age 12, School Naomh Barra, Wilkinstown N.S.

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