FAQ – Ashbourne 2020 Commemorative Grant Scheme

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Ashbourne 2020 Commemorative Grant Scheme – Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How are groups informed when the scheme is open for applications?

    Grant schemes are advertised in local newspapers, on www.meath.ie, Meath County Council’s social media accounts and through the Public Participation Network (PPN) website: www.meathppn.ie/grants/

  • 2. Who can apply?

    This fund is open to community groups and organisations (arts, heritage, educational, cultural, sports, active retirement, etc.) that are planning to organise an appropriate community initiative to commemorate and celebrate the bi-centenary of Ashbourne. To be eligible for funding, the proposal must take place in Ashbourne

  • 3. What can our group apply for?

    Ashbourne 2020 is a year-long programme of activity in which everyone is invited to participate, to commemorate and celebrate the bi-centenary of the town. Projects may correspond with any number of themes relating to the celebration of the bi-centenary.

    Citizen engagement is our priority, applications that demonstrate good levels of community ownership and participation will receive priority.

  • 4. What is the process?

    After the closing date the applications will be assessed to ensure they are eligible under the scheme. Groups will be informed of the decision and if applicable their grant allocation as soon as possible. Groups must then submit their grant claim form and receipts; the deadline for the submission of these documents is the 30th September. The Community Department will arrange payment of the grant as quickly as possible following the receipt of all of the necessary documents.

  • 5. When will we be informed of the application decision?

    The Community Department will endeavour to inform applicants as quickly as possible following the approval of the grant allocations, it is expected that this will be in April.

  • 6. What are the timelines for the scheme?

    The closing date for the receipt of completed application forms is 6th March.
    Completed grant claim form, eft form and receipts must be submitted to the Community Department by 30th September, 2020

  • 7. What is Meath Public Participation Network (PPN)?

    Meath PPN is a network to bring community groups together in Meath. You can find more information on the PPN at www.meathppn.ie

  • 8. Do we have to register with the Public Participation Network (PPN)?

    Yes, all groups must be registered with the PPN. Each group is given a unique PPN Registration number. This can be found on the PPN Website https://www.meathppn.ie/membership-search/ under Municipal District or Pillar.
    If you are not registered, please log on to: www.meathppn.ie/join-now/ or phone Danielle Monahan (PPN Resource Officer) on 046 9097407/087 3512281

  • 9. What permissions are required to include with our application?

    This will depend on the nature of the proposal. As appropriate your group may need to have the landowners permission to hold an event. It is recommended that you liaise with Council officials as appropriate.

  • 10. Do we need match funding?

    Funding support may be awarded up to a maximum of 75% of the project cost. When applying for funding you must be able to show how the remaining costs of the project will be funded and proof of other funding source(s) must be submitted with your application.

  • 11. Can we apply for more than one grant?

    In the interest of fairness only one application per group / organisation will be considered.

  • 12. We don’t have a bank account setup, can the grant be paid into a nominated persons bank account?

    Groups must have a valid BIC & IBAN led current Bank or Credit Union account in the name of the group to which the approved grant aid will be paid.

  • 13. Is voluntary labour eligible?

    Voluntary labour is ineligible under this grant scheme.

  • 14. We don’t have a Residents Association in our estate; how do we go about setting one up or who can advise us?

    Here are some examples of PPN “How to Guide To Setting Up a Resident’s Association.”
    Guidelines for residents associations – Carlow PPN
    Guidelines for residents associations – Kildare PPN
    If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Monahan (Resource Officer for Meath PPN) on meathppn@meathcoco.ie

  • 15. Have I to send in all the invoices / receipts for the expenditure incurred with the grant?

    It is not necessary to submit all paid invoices/receipts for the expenditure incurred; groups must submit paid invoices/receipts up to the value of the grant awarded.

  • 16. How will I know if you require a Tax No. or not? When is it required?

    If your group is in receipt of a payment or payments from Meath County Council which equate to €10,000 or more in a calendar year a valid tax reference number and tax clearance access number will be required to process the grant payment

  • 17. Where do I apply for a tax number?

    Please see www.revenue.ie for advice on applying for a tax number.

  • 18. Can I purchase the goods or carry out the work before my grant has been approved?

    Yes, once the expenditure has been incurred in the year of grant award it is eligible.

  • 19. When will I receive the funds?

    The Council will process the grant payment as quickly as possible after the receipt of all the required claim documentation.

  • 20. Do I have to spend the money before I get it back?

    Yes, grant payments will only be made following the receipt of the required documentation, these are; the grant claim form, completed supplier setup form and receipts or invoices noting payment.

  • 21. What do I do if my project does not or cannot go ahead?

    Please advise the Community Department as soon as possible if your project is not going ahead so that the next step can be discussed.

  • 22. What if I spend more or less than the amount I was approved funding for?

    Grant payments will only be made on the basis of paid receipts submitted.
    If your group spends more than was approved your group will still only receive the approved grant amount. If your project costs less than anticipated the grant payment will be for the value of the receipts submitted.

  • 23. Is a lease required?

    A lease is not required for this grant scheme.

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