Community Climate Action Programme: grant fund for Meath community groups

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Under the Community Climate Action Programme, Meath County Council will support small, medium, and large-scale projects that will shape and build low-carbon, sustainable communities through a fund of €811,000.  Projects must align with the theme: ‘Building Low Carbon Communities’ with additional funding also available under the theme ‘Shared Island Community Action.’

What Grants are Available?

You could apply for a small grant of up to €20k, medium grant of €21-€50k or for a larger project grant of €51-€100k.

There are two grant categories:

1) Local Community Projects and;

2) A joint project between a community in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland which will operate under the Shared Island Initiative of Government.

What kind of projects are we talking about?

Here are some examples;

  • Solar Panels and related equipment
  • Retrofitting community buildings
  • Energy efficient upgrades
  • LED community lighting
  • Community EV charging points
  • Low carbon technology/equipment
  • Bike racks or other infrastructure
  • Materials for repair hubs
  • Materials for community garden
  • Composting facilities
  • Pollinator projects
  • Mini forest

The above are just a range or possible projects but if you think creatively you can come up with many more…  Think about how you can encourage and facilitate people to conserve and recycle? Think about how you might improve a building you may use or own by making it warmer and using solar or wind energy to reduce dependence of carbon fuels? Think about how you might improve or protect natural habits which are essential for insects, birds, bees? Think about how you might change mind-sets by proving facilities and information on positive environmental action by individuals?

See full details about the Community Climate Action Programme Funding

Closing date for applications is Wednesday, February 28, 2024. 

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