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Who we are

Shine is a national organisation providing information and support for people affected by mental health difficulties. We support individuals and family members through recovery-focused:

  • individual and group work,
  • training and education led by professionals and peers.
    We are the only national mental health organisation
    specifically founded to support all family members.

What we do

We aim to empower people with mental health difficulties and their families through support, information and education. We also advocate for social change by promoting and defending the rights of all those affected by mental health problems to equal treatment and quality services.

How we can help you

Groups for people with lived experience of mental health difficulties Sharing experiences with others can be a great way of learning new coping skills and growing your support network. Our group facilitators
have personal experience of moving forward from their own mental health difficulties.

Groups for family members, friends and supporters

Groups for families, carers and friends of people with mental health difficulties. It can be helpful to talk to other people with similar experiences and to learn new ways of coping. Our group facilitators have experience helping a family member or friend with a mental health difficulty.

Recovery education and training groups

We offer education and training programmes to empower people experiencing mental health difficulties, and those who support them, to manage their own recovery.

Shine staff, people with lived experience and family members supporting people with lived experience of mental health difficulties design and produce our recovery focused education programmes together.

We also offer well-being workshops to help you manage dealing with life’s challenges.

End the stigma

Our national programme See Change campaigns to end the stigma around mental health. We want to change public attitudes and behaviour towards people with mental health problems for the better.

Media support

Our national programme Headline campaigns for the responsible reporting and representation of mental health and suicide in the Irish media.

To find out more about Shine supports and services in your area, you can:

Visit our website shine.ie
Phone 01 860 1610 or 086 040 7701
E-mail support@shine.ie

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