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Founded 14 years ago as an online service by Oisin & Diarmuid Scollard after they lost their brother Cormac to suicide. turn2me has established itself as a leader in early intervention suicide prevention mental health services in Ireland.  It has developed robust escalation processes to keep participants safe.

Turn2Me works online to provide a free, safe, anonymous and confidential space to anyone +18 in Ireland seeking support with their mental health and wellbeing. We have a deep understanding of the needs and online behaviours of those who are seeking mental health support.

Turn2Me’s custom built platform is designed to be responsive and focused on the safety and wellbeing of users.  The entire team is committed to deliver high quality support and services at the right time for those who need understanding and help.

Turn2Me’s innovative stepped care psychosocial model of online mental health support means that people in Ireland can immediately access professional one2one counselling, group support, and psychoeducation materials virtually.

What sets Turn2Me apart is that we offer FREE Anonymous services, NO Waitlists, NO referral required.  All a person has to do is register as a user and they can begin availing of our services.  We can be additional support to you and part of your own self care, and/or we can be additional support and assistance with the individuals you help in your day to day work.

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