EIRGRID: Strategic Environmental Assessment of Eirgrid Grid Implementation Plan 2023 – 2028: SEA Scope Consultation

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EirGrid have prepared a Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Report in relation to the Grid Implementation Plan 2023 – 2028.

We commenced a consultation period on this on 07 December 2022 and we are welcoming consultation submissions until 30 January 2023.

Further information is available here: https://consult.eirgrid.ie/consultation/strategic-environmental-assessment-eirgrid-grid-implementation-plan-2023-2028-sea-scope-consultation



EirGrid is the national electricity Transmission System Operator (TSO) with responsibility for the making of certain energy plans. EirGrid is reviewing the existing Grid Implementation Plan (IP) 2017-2022 for the Electricity Transmission System in Ireland and will prepare a new Grid Implementation Plan for 2023-2028 (Draft IP).

The scope of the Draft IP aligns with the definition of an energy plan within the provisions of Article 9(1) of No. 435 of the European Communities (Environmental Assessment of Certain Plans and Programmes) Regulations 2004 (as amended); therefore, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is required.

EirGrid has developed a Draft SEA Scoping Report and welcomes comments and observations on this report from interested stakeholders.


What is the SEA Scoping Report? 

This SEA Scoping Report outlines information on the Draft IP, including the need for the Draft IP, its geographical area and overall objectives. The Scoping Report also defines the scope of the environmental issues considered by the SEA along with the information and methods which will be used by EirGrid to address these issues.


Public Consultation

As per national SEA Guidelines, the Scoping Report is required to facilitate statutory consultation to ensure that the approach proposed for the SEA is appropriate. A copy of this report has been made available to the statutory environmental authorities and a number of other interested stakeholders, including environmental NGOs. The draft report is available below or by clicking here.


Draft SEA Scoping Questions

Stakeholders are invited to their views in relation to the following questions, alternatively stakeholders may wish to upload a general response or letter.

  1. Do you have comments that you would like EirGrid to consider in the preparation of their next draft Implementation Plan (IP); which will be published for consultation mid-2023?
  2. Do you have any comments on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) or Appropriate Assessment (AA) processes?
  3. Are there particular organisations that should be consulted with regard to the Draft IP, SEA and/or AA?
  4. Has the study area been adequately defined?
  5. Are there any additional themes that should be considered?
  6. Do you have any comments on the description of the baseline environment?
  7. Are there any other environmental issues in the study area that should be considered within the SEA; or are there any issues which should not have been scoped out?
  8. Do you know of any other relevant plans, policies and programmes (PPPs) that should be considered? (Please provide details and sources).
  9. Do you have any comments on the Strategic Environmental Objectives (SEOs)?
  10. Do you have any comments on the SEA Methodology, Alternatives being considered and/or the structure of the SEA report?


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