Farm Safety Sticker Competition: Farmers4Safety & AgriKids

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Farmers4Safety and AgriKids are launching a Farm Safety Sticker Competition

‘Stick 2 Safety’ 

19th of May 2022

This Summer, Farmers4Safety and AgriKids are teaming up to bring you a farm safety sticker competition, ‘Stick 2 Safety.’ The competition, launched today Thursday the 19th of May, calls on Ireland’s Communities (Schools, Farmers, Community Groups etc.) to get ‘stuck in’ and help create a safer future on our farms by designing a window sticker that will be printed and promoted nationwide.

We will provide a template for you to design a sticker on any farm safety theme.  The theme is up to you! It could be about quads, PTO’s, slurry, animals, vehicles or the importance of farmer’s/farm families looking after their mental and physical health. With the design we want to give you the freedom to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas and create a picture that highlights farm safety, health and wellbeing.

Along with the design we want you to write a short note (150 words max.) about why you chose to partake in the competition and the importance of Safety, Health and Wellbeing on Farms and what it means to you.

The sticker can be put on farm machinery, cars, vehicles and around the farm or home to shine a light and create greater awareness on the essential role safety and emotional wellbeing play in carrying out jobs on farms.


The Prize:

The winning stickers will be circulated to the various Farming Organisations, Communities and Networks and will win a Prize.

The aim of this competition is to highlight and raise awareness of Farm Safety, Health and Wellbeing from all skill sets. This gives the opportunity for everyone to get creative and highlight what Farm Safety, Health and Wellbeing means to you all. We hope that by getting different age groups within our Communities involved we will achieve a greater reach for farm safety, health and wellbeing.

We will endeavour to put all of your entries on our website.

If you want to find out more details about the competition click here or visit our websites www.farmers4safety.ie or www.agrikids.ie or you can email us on niamh@farmers4safety.ie.

The deadline for the competition is July 8th and the entry/entries can be emailed to niamh@farmers4safety.ie (sent as a JPEG, Scanned or in a PDF format)


For further information, please contact:

Niamh Nolan, Project Manager of Farmers4Safety – Managing Risk Together EIP AGRI (085 – 1265195)


About Us

Farmers4Safety – Managing Risk Together EIP AGRI Project adopts a ‘peer-to-peer’ mentoring and champion approach to engage farmers in an attitudinal and behavioral change towards farm safety by tackling and improving the social norms around farm safety and emotional wellbeing. The project offers a bottom up initiative that is tailored to each region to ensure it will capture a change in farmer’s attitudes and behaviours.

AgriKids was founded with the ethos that we positively engage, educate and empower our children to become Farm Safety Ambassadors. Alma believes her engaging approach to farm safety education will serve to continually empower children to be safer farmers in the future.   The approach also requires and includes the input of parents, guardians, thus sharing the learning outcome with all.



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