TII Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment Guidelines – Public Consultation

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Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), the national agency responsible for managing Ireland’s national road and light rail networks, is conducting a Public Consultation on the Draft Guidelines relating to Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment (CHIA). These guidelines concern assessments of the impact TII’s projects may have on cultural heritage.

Following peer and stakeholder reviews, Archaeological Management Solutions (AMS) is conducting a Public Consultation on behalf of  Transport infrastructure Ireland (TII).

The Guidance and Standards aim to regulate assessment of the impacts on the Cultural Heritage of projects funded by or carried out under the auspices of TII.​

These will particularly relate to the production and delivery of Cultural Heritage outputs for:

  • Option Selection Reports
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR’s), and/or
  • Environmental Reports (ER’s)


The purpose of these Guidances and Standards are to:

  • Outline the application of CHIA during the planning, assessment, and design stages for proposed TII Projects.
  • Outline the review process of the application and implementation of CHIA to ensure appropriate evaluation and analysis of the baseline (or receiving Cultural Heritage environment) within which a Project is being planned.
  • Apply CHIA in a manner that is proportionate to the complexity and scale of a Project and the likely significance of its Cultural Heritage effects.
  • Provide consistency to the consideration of CHIA during the planning, selection, design, assessment, and delivery phases of a Project as set out in TII’s Project Management Guidelines (PMG), Project Manager’s Manuals (PMM) and Project Appraisal Guidelines (PAG).
  • Assist proposed Projects to achieve their Cultural Heritage objectives in line with legislative requirements and government policy, including enhancement of the Cultural Heritage environment and experience of the road user where possible.


To participate, please click on this link: https://www.ams-consultancy.com/tii-public_survey/  


The survey will be open for thirty days. All submissions must be received by 9am Monday 21st February.

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