Realising Article 29: Disabled Politicians and the Political System: ILMI event 11th Nov 2021 @ 3pm

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Realising Article 29: Disabled Politicians and the Political System

  • ILMI Discussion on making Politics more inclusive
  • Zoom, Thursday 11th November 3-4pm


Article 29 (a) of the UNCRPD calls on State parties to ensure that disabled people have “political rights and the opportunity to enjoy them on an equal basis with others” including the right to vote and be elected.

ILMI has some members who have been elected to office but why are there so few disabled politicians. What are the barriers that prevent disabled people from participating in political parties or seeking nominations to seek election? What could be done to bring about change so that disabled people are selected to run as candidates for political parties, elected and take on key political roles?

ILMI would like to bring together disabled activists to create a space to explore, discuss and develop a position paper to bring models of change to political parties in Ireland to realise Article 29 of the UNCRPD.

We are interested in hearing from all disabled people, including disabled people who are actively involved in politics or have sought election and what learning that they can bring into a collective discussion on making politics more inclusive.

To register email info@ilmi.ie


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